Markel Realty Group prides themselves on happy clients. Here’s what a few have to say:

What they have to say about Chantel:

We couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor experience. Chantel is an expert in her field, and if there is an opportunity for us to recommend her to someone else, we definitely will. Her expertise and graciousness left a lasting impression. She doesn’t forget you – a rare trait in this fast-paced, use-them-lose-them world we live in.
-Matt & Monica Schwenk

When my husband and I started looking at homes in St. George, we had no idea it would take us two years to find the right one. In the first neighborhood we looked in, we met Chantel, a lovely blonde that was down to earth and very nice. We were mostly looking on our own at that time and weren’t sure if we were going to use a Realtor. Upon our second meeting, we gave Chantel our preferences (the first of many) and started the ball rolling. Over the next year, we had some doubts about moving and stopped looking in St. George and went back to the Las Vegas market. Chantel was professional and wished us luck. It was another 6 months before we looked in St. George again and this time we were focused and knew this was the right decision. We did our best to wear Chantel out with the number of houses we looked at, criteria changes and area changes. Through the whole process, Chantel kept a smile on her face and a wonderful attitude. Finally we found “the house”. Because the home was bank owned, there were many obstacles to finalizing the deal but it was well worth it. Chantel went above and beyond in making sure every i was dotted and t was crossed so we were covered. She was always looking out for our best interests while still keeping peace with the other parties involved. Chantel is both honest and has the greatest of integrity. Through this process, she watched me go from one child to two. She became a great friend. I can safely say that if Chantel can find us a house, she can find you a house. She helped us get our dream home. I know that she can help you too.
-Aimee and Jared Thatcher

I have worked with Chantel on several occasions spanning 10 years. She is a very hard working motivated person who takes her clients interest to the highest level. I enjoy her constant smile and friendly attitiude toward a difficult and challenging field of business.
-Scott Gibson, Veritas Funding

I’ve seen them all (Realtors) and I know because of her approach and tremendous knowledge that she is the best there is.
-Romelle Smith

Chantel Markel went out of her way to meet with us and help us in anyway possible. I would definitely send any referrals to Chantel. She made the experience a good one.
-Gary & Susan Friede

Chantel was friendly, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Made the selling of our home a positive experience.
-Mark and Beanie Draper

It was a very quick simple purchase. Chantel gave me the property listings according to our desires. Details were sufficient to make a decision remotely on what properties we wished to view in person. Touring the properties was very quick and efficient. She answered all the questions we had and made recommendations we should consider before signing the contract. She also made recommendations of a title company and explained the process of closing including each amendment.
-Brian and Evie Sadler

I’ve worked with Chantel for over 4 years now. I first contacted Chantel when I wanted to buy a HUD townhouse. She was always there when we needed her and everything was very professional. After we moved out of our townhouse, Chantel became our property manager. She has just been wonderful. If I ask her to contact me before any repairs needed to be done, she would. She emails my account information each month. She has just been wonderful to work with. We bought and sold a home in Arizona and the realtors could not even compare with Chantel’s quality of service. I’ll recommend Chantel all day, every day, to anyone.
-Todd Sheeran

Chantel is a true professional. She is thorough, respectful, helpful, and just plain nice.
– Dennis J. Curtis
Long Realty Company

What they have to say about Seth:

Our long-distance home purchase went smoothly because Seth went above and beyond in customer service–even following up on items after the papers were signed. We highly recommend Seth Lancaster and Markel Realty Group. Excellent service, start to finish.
-Matt & Monica Schwenk

Seth is the man. I have known him for a lot of years and he is honest and hardworking. He’s always been a good person.
-John Jacobs

What they have to say about Phil:

Phil recently listed our home for us in St. George. His knowledge of the local real estate market was very clear when we first met and he told us what he thought our home would sell for. As it turned out, he was “right on” with his evaluation and we were able to get what we thought we needed for our home. We were away from St. George during the entire process and it was quite comforting to have him there representing us during this transaction.
-Bert & Claire Kendrick

Phil Johnson was my Realtor on my recent home purchase. He was knowledgable, communicated well (including being very available via phone), friendly, and detail oriented. I appreciated his professionalism during and after the transaction and highly recommend him. Thanks Phil!
-Phil Goold

What they have to say about Mindi:

Mindi helped us sell our home, We feel that we got a fair market price and were treated with respect. She was understanding of our situation and tried extremely hard to find the right buyer. We feel that it was a “Win, Win” situation. I can highly recommend her for your Real Estate needs.
-Phyllis & George Oliver

We have had the BEST experience with Mindi. We were recommended to her through a mutual friend and have been so grateful for her expertise and knowledge. She has been amazing every step of the way. She did a lot of hands on work for us and held our hand throughout the entire process. She was by far the best agent I have ever worked with. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mindi for your buying and selling needs
-Stacey Jensen

Mindi did a wonderful job in selling our home in a tough economy. Mindi was attentive, resourceful, honest, pro-active, and followed up on each and every lead/showing. Her communications were superb! Her hard work is un-matched in this competitive environment.
-Marsha Boex

Mindi is excellent in what she does. She is very personable and friendly and has a great understanding of the Real Estate market here in the St. George area. For buying and selling you couldn’t have anyone better.
-Ellen Cooke

Mindi is an excellent real estate agent, very pleasant to work with, knows just what we are looking for in St. George! Very professional!
-Carolyn Durup
Town & Country Travel

We have loved working with Mindi. She is always happy and upbeat, no matter what goes wrong. She has been very efficient in taking care of problems in a short amount of time.
-Jim & Sue West

What they have to say about Tylre:

You will love Tylre’s passion for life and desire to improve other’s lives around her. She is detail-oriented, friendly, full of integrity and positive energy. She will listen carefully and intently to your needs and will guide you to the perfect property. She loves all people and embraces diversity. You will not go wrong with Tylre. We are so lucky to have her on our team.
-Chantel Markel

I have known Tylre for two years now and I have been impressed with her from day one. She has a  strong work ethic and is always willing to take on a new project or to help with extra work when needed. She consistently analyzes her job and looks for ways to improve her performance. She is full of energy and is willing to go the extra mile. She is considerate of others and is compassionate towards her co-workers. Tylre will give anything she does her very best effort, and she is sure to exceed expectations.
-Kathy Bjorklund Pilot Training Coordinator kbjorklund@skywest.com 435-634-3823

Tylre Call is a current colleague of mine that became a life-long friend. She is very honest, ambitious and dedicated in whatever she does. She truly cares about people and the overall happiness and well-being of others.  Everyone that meets her becomes drawn to her spunky personality, open-minded way of thinking and her loyalty to the people she cares about. Working with Tylre has been such a fun experience, but becoming her friend has been even better. She makes complete strangers feel as if they are her closest friend and she genuinely cares about those people. I do not doubt that her clients feel/will feel the same way. Working with someone you trust as if they were a dear friend is something very rare. Tylre makes the process of buying or selling a home an enjoyable, positive experience.
-Sydnee Hutchings SkyWest Airlines